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Emphasize on the power boxer group.

SiaMor Kabeephomdang would like the Muay Thai fans to believe and have fate with the work of Palang Mai group leading by SiaMai Bangkapi to create the quality work emphasizing on the winning. Then, this time there are several of excellent boxers as well as Iiad joining in this group also.

The old Promoter of Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium  or SiaMor Chuchareon Raweearamwong or one of the teamwork of Palangmai group that has SiaMai Bangkapi to be the leader and several friend promoters ; namely, SiaBu Muengphet , Otea Charumeung , Sorchor Toi Padreaw and                 SiaYang Kolok have claimed about the guidelines to setup the boxing group that he has talked with SiaMuai already to set up the small , medium and large groups for creating the new star boxers. Besides, they might setup the millionaires program to create the 100,000baht boxer from Palangmai group to fight in this program as well.


For Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai and Suek Sommai broadcasted on this Monday of 23rd June 2014 , SiaMor might setup the medium Thai boxing stadium at Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium that consist of master couple boxer or Kengkaj P. Pekko to bargain weight for Sangwangchai J.S.P. in 120/122 pounds as well as the second couple boxer or Fahdannia Sitsoreng facing with Phetnamngam S. Meeudorn in 123 pounds , the supporter couple boxer or Chai Sorchor Toipadreaw facing with Rittikai Kaewsamrit Muay Thai training camp in 116 pounds following by Patakthong S. Arunphan facing with Wayunoi S. Sangakarnchang Muay Thai camp , Seecha Kertbanchong facing with Yodsiam Sorchor Wichitpadraew , Yodsing ChorKhoyuhaisuzu Camp facing with Waifai T. Piamthrabpadreaw and others.

Why I should Learn and Practice Muay Thai?

Reducing fat in short period of time is an exciting challenge. Many women with fat weight are practicing some workout gym and eat diet supplements. Some of them are eating vegetables and fresh fruits for meals. But, getting an ideal weight is not easy. Many women feel stress and uncomforted with their overweight condition. Nowadays, it is good news for people who look for weight loss solution. Muay Thai come to help people develop their fighting skill and reduce lose weight as well. Muay Thai is the most famous martial art sport from Thailand. Many people across the world come and visit Muay Thai training camp in Thailand to learn and practice Muay Thai.

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