Muay Thai training

The Muay Thai training information :

Muay Thai Training & clinching is a whole new aspect of the fighting system, which is entirely different from any other form of martial arts clinching. It is executed in the closest possible range of stand up fighting.

The Muay Thai Clinch is one of the trickiest and most technical aspects of Muay Thai. Yet strangely, it is not practiced much outside of Thailand.

We believe the Muay Thai clinch is essential to becoming a good student of Muay Thai. Here are some basic pointers.

1) Never let your opposition control your neck or head

If your opposition controls your neck or head, they will control your balance along with your ability to defend and attack. To avoid this, stand as tall as you can with your head and back. Move your hips close into your opponent’s hips. Maintain a 50-50 stance with your legs, slightly wider than shoulder width. All these moves are only initial phase of learning how to avoid getting your neck/head controlled.

2) Move one hand/arm at a time

Many beginners make the mistake of clinching someone’s neck/head with both hands at the same time. In this way, you leave yourself vulnerable because you are chasing your opponent with both arms in the air, in an attempt to grab his neck and head. Always use one hand at a time and try to have one hand around his/her neck/head with the other controlling his arm.

3) Establish inside control

If you have your both hands around a person’s neck, then make sure to have inside control. This will let you put your hands inside your opponent’s arms and you are clinching with your elbows tight together.

These tips are merely the tip of the iceberg of the Muay Thai clinch. It takes years of practice to become successful. There are many combinations of attacks and defenses. A camp in Thailandenables you to have an advanced Muay Thai clinch and it is the most critical part of your experience.

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