Threat to destroy the dream of “Sangthongnoi”.

Sudchai Pumphrakhone doesn’t look down on Sangthongnoi Thanasuranakorn , but he is really certain that for this match Superlek can destroy the dream of this couple boxer surely. Besides, now Superlek has his good body condition with more experiences than Sangthongnoi to defeat him of course.

Sudchai revealed that in this moment there is the interesting current for the couple boxer between Superlek of Rattanabundit university facing with Sangthongnoi Thanasuranakorn in Suek Phetwisate and Suek Millionaire of OneMitChai on this Monday 26th January 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Lately, Sudchai Pumphrakhone or the head boxing camp in Burirum province has said to the reporters that in this time Superlek has prepared himself well to face with Sangthongnoi to be the winner surely because of his better performance and experiences. Thus, this way isn’t the way to look down on Sangthongnoi , but indeed it is the fact that Superlek has been the famous one before Sangthongnoi with his more experiences. Thus, he hopes to overcome Superlek to grasp the champion as well as destroying the dream of Sangthongnoi. As the result, there is less chance for Superlek to be the loser , but he can’t be careless on this game , especially for the performance and shape of Sangthongnoi.

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