Rumor !! Satarn Mueng Lek

Num Pit Kai Sang Tanai Kwarm said that, Muay-thai fans don’t worry about Satarn Muenglek Num Pornthep rumor. He is keep going to search for the fifth boxing champion belt. He accepted he was disappointed about  the last fight rumor. However, he is trying to investigate about this rumor.

mt2014 14-12-21

Num Pit Kai Sang Tanai Kwarm , big boss of Num Pornthep boxing camp said that, He worries about the rumor after Satarn Muenglek Num Pornthep fought with Fhun Dowroj Khunhan Sid Thong Sak at Vikair, But  Muay-thai fans don’t be worry about that. He won’t let Satarn Lek fight if he is not ready and not be fit enough to fight.

Num Pit Kai Sang Tanai Kwarm also said that He’s searching the fifth champion belt for Satarn Meunglek.  Satarn Muenglek priviously got 4 boxing champion belts. Both Thailand and Lumpinee 100 and 105 pound class champion. The next may be 112 pound class  or 115 pound class, we will see.

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