Pao make a little mistake in Muay Thai tournament in channel 7 color

“Mr. Mu” Somyod Arunmas, a vice manager of boxing in channel 7 color summary the work in this quarterly and please in results of channel 7 color committee that never “make a mistake” and make he disappoint. He wants to thank you the delight flow from boxing fans and emphasizes all committee to maintain this work and whisper to give the gift as a reward.

Boxing fans around the country look at Channel 7 color committee because this is the Number one live of Thailand. The flow of channel 7 color is more than other channel that staff was never to be complacent, especially “Mu” “Mu” Somyod Arunmas, a vice manager of boxing in channel 7 color focus on the committee meeting in both before and after work is done on every Sunday to change the best work and Mr.Mu also keeps follow the committee’s work closely the boxing stadium for use this data in the meeting. In the last three-four months ago, committees of Channel 7 color have the great work and receive the admiration form Mr.Mu.

“Well, I do not watch the committee by my own self but boxing fans around the country admire him so I emphasize all committee to do their best for the best work. In the other things, I have a responsible duty for this fight so you will have not worried. For three-four months ago, I must say that we are satisfied because error is not occurring. I have a reward and emphasized to maintain high standards continued” Mr.Mu reveals.

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