“Kittichai” has boasted that his boxer will create the new knocking scores.

Lately, Kittichai Satidcd has been confident on Kittichai to show the beautiful form after defeating Chailek of Rachabhat Chombueng university. Moreover, he has already knocked this couple one on the fourth round , so on this 15th March 2016 he would like to knock another couple one too.

For the current news of Khomchadleuk on Suek Muai Thai Tornam Thai Hero that might broadcast on this Sunday of 24th April 2016 at Chitmuengnon boxing stadium, there will be the second one or Kittichai Satiscd fighting with Aekkachai Sorchor Lekmuengnon in 107 pounds. Moreover, lately Kittichai or the 22 years old boxer from Songkhla province has been practicing himself so hard emphasizing on his knees. Therefore, he has selected for his buddies to fight with a few ones as well as being supported by Satis Meesong or his senior one closely. Thus, now Kittichai has confirmed that his boxer might show his good knee and chin form to overcome his couple one for sure. As the result, it should plan the fighting match precisely including of besting regard to the South Muay Thai fans and the Muay Thai fans throughout the country and sending the encouragement to him as well.

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