“Kaew” might get revenge with ‚ÄúDanchailek” to favor of “Big Song”.

Big Song has made the list of the young couple one to get the revenge in order to invite for the Muay Thai fans to come for watching the program. Besides, there might be Danchailek T. Silachai to fight with Kaew M. Andaman on Suek One Thong Chai on this Wednesday of 6th April 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. In addition, it is really confident to fight with amusement.

For Suek One Thong Chai in the new semester directed to this Wednesday of 6th April 2016 , there might be the number 1 promoter of this age to make the new list of the young one to get the revenge. Therefore, there might be Danchailek T. Silachai from Nakornrachasrima province to fight with Kaew of M. Andaman or the young one from the South of Thailand who has been fought with him on Thairat TV channel. Then, the Muay Thai fans can come to cheer up for form of both of them.

Big Song said with confidence that he feels excited now to make the list of this couple one. Thus, everyone should follow to watch for their form , and both of them might fight with amusement for sure.

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