“Pakkalek” has confirmed to get revenge with his old boxer.

Pakkalek T. Laksong has revealed about his good body condition after he has practiced himself continuously to fight with Thuan K. Kamphanat on the big match of Suek One Thong Chai. Then, this program might fight on this 31st March , so this time he might show for his best performance after losing this boxer on Thairat TV.

On Suek One Thong Chai that might broadcast on Thursday of 31st March 2016 , Big Song Thongchai Rattanasuban has selected for the good ones to show the performance between Pakkalek T. Laksong fighting with Thuan K. Kamphanat. In addition, after the last end of the month Thuan has been the winner , so in this time Pakkalek is ready to get revenge.

For the practicing of Pakka , the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t be worried because now he has practicing himself continuously. Besides, he is glad to have the chance for fighting with Thuan K. Kamphanat after lately he has lost to this boxer. Then, in this time he is ready to fight with his old one , so the Muay Thai fans should cheer up him without making the disappointment to the Muay Thai fans certainly.

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