Raksombat has made the good statistic scores to win all 10 couple ones.

The promoter of Bangla Phuket boxing stadium is admiring for the new star of Morbeskamala boxing camp named Raksombat after he has showed the his form continuously in both the countryside and Bangkok boxing stadiums. Additionally, now he has made the statistics to win for 10 matches without any losing match in Suek Maemaimuaithai on Bright TV channel. And, lately he has defeated of the severe one or Domethong Lallalintour with several scores to make the impressive form to the Muay Thai fans. Therefore, it is certainly that on the next match he can fight with anyone without making disappointment surely.

On last Saturday, one new boxer of Morbeskamal named Raksombat  has made the impressive form to be the winner at Lumphinee boxing stadium. Then, now the senior one or Morbeskamala has thanked for the Muay Thai fans throughout the country to send the encouragement to cheer up for Raksombat until he can win all of his couple ones for 10 times continuously. Thus, in this hour the affiliate has considered to make the list for him to fight in 124/126 pounds for fighting with his full performance. And, after he has won to his couple one for several scores on Bright TV of last Saturday or 13rd February 2016 and then he or the 22 years old boxer has won more for another 3 matches without losing to anyone ;namely, to win the scores of Deelert Rattanaphanu at Lumphinee boxing stadium , to knock on the third round for Datephanom Luakmakhamwarn at Rachadamnern boxing stadium and to win Domethong by showing the beautiful form. Finally, now he can face with anyone to return the happiness to the Muay Thai fans.

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