“Thepnimit” would like to grasp the champion prior to quit from the program.

Thepnimit Sitmonchai has asked for the promoter to grasp the champion for once time in his life because he might not quit from fighting if he can’t be the winner. Besides, lastly he would like to show the hot form by fighting in 118 pounds at any boxing stadium.

For Thepnimit Sitmonchai or the severe one from Nakornphanom province, now he is 29 years old to stay at Kanchanaburi and he has his hot form too. Besides, he has overcome Yodsanchiang Cinbee Muai Thai by grasping 120000 baht , and lately he has gone to the South to fight with Khwanphet S. Suwanphakdee for favoring to the Muay Thai fans of Chumporn province. And, this program might be setup on Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on last Sunday. Lastly, he has reported this news to the affliation that in this hour he is still hot for asking the promoter to push up him again after he has never been the champion before. Thus, on this game he might do it great.

Thepnimit said that at this moment his body condition is good after winning for several matches , and lately he has won Khwanphet at Chumporn province by showing of the good form. Thus, although now he is 29 years old he has never been the champion , so the promoter should give the chance for him to grasp the champion in 118 pounds in any boxing stadium. Then, if he has the good opportunity to grasp the champion , he might not mi

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