“Kiat Mo 9” Training for the big fight

Sudjai Pumprakon is not having a problem if Superbang U. Rattanabanthid still doubts Superlek W.Sangprapai to have a revenge fight in 124-125 pounds as they want. He reveal this time has not been notified by the agency that when the queue but the top boxer in his gym is are training for fight.

The reporters have been released from the Sudjai Pumprakon, a head of great gym from Buri Ram after Superlek W.Sangprapai win Superbang U. Rattanabanthid at Songkla in the last year that many people ask about the next fight. He cannot explain because it’s depending on the promoter’s decision. However, Superbang want to have a revenge fight is not a problem of the weight 124-125 pounds. He is ready to fight and not step back.

But this time he has not been notified by the agency who will be a rival in the next fight and when. This time Superlek, Petchpanomrung and Singdam training for fight. He may football in this week but stay in this neighborhood. However, the next 2-3 days will be notified the queue because the early May will have a great fight at Ratchadamnoen and Lumpini” Sudjai reveals.

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