Manoi has appreciated after knowing that the warn of someone is true.

Manoi Udorn has revealed his mind in order to accept that all the times he always has the good one to warn him that if his couple ones fight at Lumphinee boxing stadium , they can’t be the winner for sure. Thus, he knows that it is the fact.

Manoi Udorn or the big boss of S. Sirilak has revealed his mind after Yodbuadang has lost the scores to Pomphet Singbansrang on the last match of Suek Kertphet. Besides, he has never called for the justice though there is the good one who always warn him all the times about this subject , and now he knows this fact.

Manoi said that it is in the fact as the story that the one has warned me after he has noticed for several times. However, he has never talked in this subject for any once time as well as his losing of the feeling after his couple one has lost the game without the fairness. Similarly, his couple and he might prove their performance for everyone about their sincere and honesty to do everything for this boxing circle. Thus, he might try his best to perform his task without quitting , so the Muay Thai fans of S. Sirilak can feel comfortable.

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