Don’t cut the name of “Sakburiram”.

Phot Sakburiram or the trainer of Sakburiram has thanked to everyone who has cheered up for Mangkornthong Sakburiram until overcoming Sia Pharanchai or the big boxing camp with funniness. Then, it should ask for the referees to consider of Sakburiram and Phuhongthong boxing camps to be judged as the excellent boxing camp of the year fighting on channel 7 although it is the small boxing camp. On the other hand, One Mee Chok has become to be the champion and he has done the excellent works since the last year.

In this end of the year , it might be the last period for each institute to made a decision to give the excellent prize of the year to anyone. Besides, it is sure that the Muay Thai fans might give the importance of Suek Muai Thai Chedsee at first because in this program there are several prizes to be cheered up. And, one of all prizes to be interested by the Muay Thai fans is the prize of the excellent boxing camp. Lately, there is another interesting boxing camp to show the often works that is Buriram boxing camp while the most outstanding work might be from Meechoke Phuhongthong to become the champion of Phunsia boxing round. Additionally, lately it is Mangkornthong Sakburiram ,who has defeated Sia Pharanchai on Suek Muai Thai Ched See on last Sunday. Then, lately Pot Sakburiram or the trainer of Sakburiram boxing camp has told this story through the teamwork of Muai Siam that in the earlier it should thank for the Muay Thai fans who has sent the encouragement to cheer up Mangkornthong until defeating Sia in this time too. Similarly, although this boxing camp is the small one , this year they can work to show the good form continuously , especially for One Mee Chok to become to be the Champion of Phunsia boxing round and grasp Samat clothes of 7 channel. Finally, it should best regard for the referees to consider for this small boxing camp too in order to grasp the excellent prize of the boxing camp.

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