“Neunglanlek” has applied his good performance to fight.

Nuenglanlek Chitmuengnon is worried that although his name is worse than Krangphreenoi Phitakphaphadang on Suek Phetkertphet. However, he has revealed that in this time he has devoted to practice himself with his life as another significant match to become to be the leader. Then, in this time he has prepared for the good strategy for fighting on this match.

For Suek Phetkertphet at Rachadamnern boxing stadium , the Muay Thai fans are interested on a couple one ; namely, Nuenglanlek Chitmuengnon to prove the performance with Krangphreenoi Phitakphaphadang after creating the good work continuously. Lately, he has won Yokwittaya Phetsemuen with impressive form , and Neunglanlek has revealed that this match is the important one for fighting of the boxing program. Therefore, it should prepare himself in special way with his confidence to overcome Phichitchai surely.

In this time the Muay Thai fans believe that he should practice at Chitmuengnon boxing camp continuously because now he has his good body condition. Then, on the match to fight he should fight perfectly surely. Therefore, it should give the good attention and devote for this match for his both body and soul. After he has made the good work and the winning continuously , it has begun to gain of the encouragement and the creditability. Then, although Krangphreenoi is the knee boxer , he has prepared to use the fists and elbows to fight with Phadetsuek. However, with his small size it hasn’t affect to him ,except for depending on his soul and his better performance. Therefore, in this time he would like the Muay Thai fans to believe in his capacity without making disappointment to him.

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