Do the ones have challenged to each other?

The professional boxer or Mok Phataya has proved the performance to fight between Kongchak Ph. Paoin and Thomas Grandthaiboxinggym or the knockout boxer from England. Then, they might fight as the master one of Max Muai Thai on this Sunday of 23rd August 2015 at Maxsports Stadium on channel 8 broadcasted from 6.20-9.00 p.m. with the excellent ones of the match.

For Max Muai Thai broadcasted on channel 8 broadcasting on Sundays on 6.20-9.00 p.m. , there will be the amusing ones or the number 1 of the group to fight on this game, such as Noi , Banphong , Mokphattaya , Chokphataya , Phon Sityodthong , Rambo Faretex and Tor Maxmuaithai. Thus, on this Sunday of 23rd August 2015 the teamwork has brought Kongchak Ph. Phaoin or Thai boxer to fight with Thomas Grandthaiboxing and both of the knocking one from England to fight ; namely, Yodyut Sorsor Nawat to fight with Muhammad Nalinchareonlert , Krumkrim M.T.M Academy to fight with Krak Nidimagym , Fanta Sitsiaprame to fight with Sukee Khemmuaithai , Adulnoi Sitbenchama to fight with Waladimeer Rusthaigym , Sab Satid CD to fight with Kalikor Stochanf and Khongfak Somsakkarnchang to fight with Ruslan Sityodthong.

Mok Phattaya has invited for the Muay Thai fans to watch for the master one or Kongchak after showing the good performance as the occupational boxer as well as knocking other ones by using the elbows.        Thus, for this game the Muay Thai fans should watch on channel 8.

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