It has violated the act ; Starboy has made the mistake to be investigated by Sports Authority Thailand.

The head of Date Chaikla or the head of Board of Boxing Sports has called for Starboy Sengsimaewyim or the bad boxer of channel 7 who has won the game on the evening to fight at Surin province at night prior to be expelled on the fourth round. Besides, the relevant boxers has checked that it has violated the act of boxing to fight on the 2 boxing camps. Then, the promoter Chun Kertphet has revealed that after fighting on channel 7 , Starboy hasn’t joined on this program as well as informing to fight in Surin province. Therefore, it shouldn’t know whether to fight on 1 day with 2 boxing stadiums as the regulation for the boxing camp.

Recently, Starboy Sengsimaewyim or the well-known boxer on channel 7 has got revenged of Semaphet Sitsatu on the fourth match as the master couple one on Suek Muai Thai Ched See on last Sunday of 26th July in 2015. Besides, he has fought with Kongnapha Srimongkol on Lorpra Luangporudomsuk festival of Chantaratham temple or Khoktakhaew in  Bannonetabak sub-district , Sangkhla district of Surin province. Finally, he has been expelled on the fourth round due to his violating of the boxing act until becoming to the interesting news that the Muay Thai fans favor.

Lately, the promoter Chun Kertphet and the head of the boxing camp or starboy have revealed about the happened situation that after they have fought on channel 7 successfully , he has neither come back nor gone to Surin province without knowing before. Besides, it has violated the act of boxing , so it should inform to the boxing camp with the good standard.

The principal Date Chakla or the head of board of boxing sports has revealed that starboy has his attention to violate the boxing act. In addition, he has fought for channel 7 on the evening prior to fight in Surin province at night. Thus, the officer has gathered all evidences to invite the relevant for investigation the case.

The head Date revealed that it has the mistake  to fight on the evening of channel 7 prior to fight in Surin province at night. Then, he has ordered the officer to gather all evidences by inviting the relevant to investigate as well as the committee.

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