Chun would like to make the list of the couple one.

On this 7th August in 2015 , Chun Kertphet has made the list of couple boxer on Suek Kertphet to favor the Muay Thai fans in terms of devoting himself fully no matter of the small or the big match. Then, the Muay Thai fans  has his opportunity to watch for the good program continuously by cheering up.

For Suek Kertphet, it has broadcasted on 7th August in 2015 ; moreover, Kwag PK Chun Kertphet and Phantamit teamwork have supported the master couple one or Chuchareon Dabransarakham to knee up with Phetmorakot W. Sangphraphai following by the second couple one or Phrachanchai P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim to fight with Phet A. Phimonsri , Mongkolchai Kwaithongyim to fight with Sakulchailek Pangkongphrab , Sia Kim Sit Sortor Taew to fight with Sakulchai Weronafarm , Phrachanbarn Wisutchareonyon to fight with Watcharaphon P.K. Sanchai Muai Tai Yim and other well-known boxers.

Lately, the promoter Chun has revealed about the significant work that now it has the good current from the Muay Thai fans because his couple one has been made the list no matter of the small and the big match. Then, it can devote fully to let the Muay Thai fans to watch for the continuously match on this 7th August        in 2015.

Chun reveals that for Suek Kertphet no matter of the small or the big match , he has devoted himself fully to allow the Muay Thai fans for cheering up surely.

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