Big Song has showed his great boxers of “Suek One Thong Chai”

For Suek One Thong Chai broadcasted on this Wednesday of 24th June 2015 , there might be the excellent ones of Suek One Thong Chai ; namely, the master one or Kingsanglek T. Laksong to bargain the weight for 3 pounds  to Denkriangkrai Kerttiphonthip in order to fight in 101/104 pounds including of Cherry , Sayanlek , Daewden and Khunsuek  of Suek One Thong Chai broadcasted on this Wednesday of 24th June 2015. In addition, although there are the full of couple lists , it haven’t got Prachanchai and Phichitchai as the promoter Thongchai said before. On the other hand, there might have the others to fight in Suek One Thong Chai to show their performance since the first one to the last one. Thus, they are called as the future couple ones whom the Muay Thai fans admires for their works increasingly.

In this moment, there will be the master couple one or Kingsanglek T. Laksong to bargain his weight for the old proponent or Denkriangkrai Kerttiphonthip in 3 pounds for fighting in 101/104 pounds. However, although Kingsanglek has his much performance than his couple one , this task might be the difficult one for him surely. Besides, there might be the other ones to fight in this program ; namely, Muengchonlek Ph. Suanthong to fight with Kaodeng Sujeebameekaew , Aineung S.T.D. Transports to fight with Mangkornphet Sor Kor Sungaiyim , Tonkrus Esarntrackter to fight with Chatphichit Sorchor Wichit Padraew , Marsuek Obortor Kamphee to fight with Sakadphet Kerttiwisut , Cherry Sitdabuan to fight with Sayanlek Sayanyim , Khunsuek Aekbangtrai to fight with Daewden Luakmeungphet ,  the master one or Chareonphom Phobtheeratham to fight with Khwanfah Sakchaichoat and Roilan Kerttikamtorn to fight with Nongmai Luakbunmee.

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