Aek has confirmed that “Phet” has still stayed with A. Phimonsri.

Aek Bangtrai has confirmed that Phet or Madang Champion ,who might fight in 118 pounds of Suek Chao Muai Thai at Siam Om Noi has still stayed with A. Phimonsri  boxing camp of the commander Akkharadate Phimonsri as usual without any changing.

Aek Bangtrai has revealed his mind after Phet A. Phimonsri has protected for Madang champion of 118 pounds by winning of Nuengthep Imminent Air with several points in Suek Chao Muai Thai on the last match. However, now he has still stayed with the old boxing camp without changing as the news to move into another boxing camp.

Aek Bangtrai said that now he has still stayed in A Phimonsri of the commander Akkaradate Phimonsri as usual without changing. Similarly, he has talked with Beaw Luakmakhamwarn without knowing about the releasing of the news. Fortunately, there are several ones to contact him for encouraging of the boxers as well as giving for 100000 baht also.

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