Somrak don’t want to lost the Muay Thai match .

If Somrak has lost the game , the hot promoter might pay for him totally 500000 baht and another 200000 baht for the effort cost of  the Lieutenant Yod. However, if this match the Lietunant Yod has lost the game ,  everything might be ended. Similarly, if the Lietunant Yod might be the winner, Somrak might have his chance to get revenge with the regulation. On the other hand, Somrak might fight in the international boxing style to use his fist as  the strategy. However, if he has lost the game , it will change the new regulation to use only elbows and legs to kick only for assisting the game to be more amusing. Thus, it should make the conclusion on this 2nd April 2015 to see the result.

Moreover, it should ask for the head boxing stadium to find the way to fix the air conditioner that cause the big problem to make the atmosphere to be hotter. Then, some of the Muay Thai fans in Thailand would like to reduce this mistake by increasing the air conditional to be installed. As the result, on this 2nd April 2015 there might be several people to come for cheering up the couple boxers , so I should see the importance on the convenience in full way.

After Somrak has his good chance to fight with Yodonephadet again , it shows that all Muay Thai fans in Thailand have invested  money in equal way because of the different performance of them. For example, for Yod One Phadet although he has his older age , he can use his fists , feet , knees and elbows in full way. However, for Somrak although he has his better performance and his speed , he has his limitation on his strategy also.

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