“Chomphichit” is becoming to be the gratitude boxer.

For Champion of Featherweight at Rachadamnern boxing stadium or Chomphichit Sitsavebuntham , he is really glad much to grasp the champion belt as the birthday present for his father or Ma Khaophrawiharn successfully. Besides, he will buy the birthday cake to celebrate inside the family as well as buying a clock to himself.       Moreover, in this hour Sia Mor is confidently to fight with Thanonchai T. Sangthiannoi or Sangmanee S. Thianpho , especially for Thanonchai who he would like to fight at most.

Besides, now Chomphichit Sitsavebuntham has got revenge of Songkhom Nayoksanya to grasp the champion belt of Feather Weight in 126 pounds successfully at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Thus, it allows him to become to be the master couple boxer of this Muay Thai life as another one to bring the birthday present to his father , Mar Khaophrawiharn , Sia Mor or the head Muay Thai camp and Savebuntham Phakpho or the significant supporter. Then, Chomphichit has posted on facebook that after his fighting on 31st March 2015 , he might celebrate his father’s birthday party inside  his family and buy a clock for his father for another one too.

Besides, on the next match it should ask for the reporters through Sia Mor or Chuchareon Raweearamwong , and  he has revealed that in this hour Chomphichit isn’t afraid of anyone to fight in 126-127 pounds. Thus, it will be the good news if Chomphichit will fight with Thananchai T. Sangthiannoi or Sangmanee S. Thianpho , especially to fight with Thanonchai because now he is in the hottest form with his strong body condition. As the result, Buntham Phakpho is gladdest if he can grasp the champion to create the good name of Sitsavebuntham Muay Thai camp throughout the country.

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