It should predict the winner between “Onemeechok and Sittid”.

For Suek 15th Phunsia, this game has begun to be more funniness because now it has all 3 leading boxers to pass into the Semifinal round already. Then, on this Sunday of 1st March 2015 for Suek Muai Thai ChedSee the Muay Thai fans in Thailand might have the chance to cheer up for another 2 significant ones. Therefore, the first couple boxer might be  Onemeechok Phuhongthong to face with Sittid S. Suradate  

Now, it has begun to have more funniness for 15th Phunsia Muay Thai tournament to gain the leading couple boxers for passing into the Semi Final round already for 3 boxers ; namely, Chanamarn P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim , Yodphet Dabphangnakornbarn and Phetsinin Khongchuchuai. Then, on this Sunday of 1st March 2015 there will be another 2 couple boxers to be cheered up. Besides, the first couple boxer is between Aekwayu of Bangkok Thonburi university to face with Phethuatrai Satidcd.

For the second couple boxer ,who has passed into the Semi Fina Round, it might be Onemeechok Phuhongthong to face with Sibtid S. Suradate as the same strong knee couple boxer. Thus, this couple boxer might be the most funniness one , and whoever has won this game might pass into the Semi Final round instantly. Whilst, whoever has lost the game might wait to fight with the winner of another first one in the next match.

What’s more, there will be the master couple boxer ; namely, Nawapon Sitphuphantu or the excellent form boxer on channel 7 to face with Saksuriba Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu in 130 pounds.  On the other hand, at this moment Nawapon has showed his beautiful form with gaining much money from channel 7 Muay Thai fans in Thailand following by Taladkhwag to fight with Chailek.

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