Now,”Phetbunkham” has his good spirit.

Diesel Luaknongsang is really confident that Phetbunkham F.A. Group has come back to be the famous boxers in this circle again  as well as showing the excellent form. Later, he has taught                 the way to fight for Khunharn Sitthongsak with gaining several points incredibly in Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on this Sunday of 1st March 2015 at the international boxing stadium of Rangsit.

In the earlier, Phetbunkham F.A. Group or Yothin Sakaethongresort , who has been the champion of 1st Thai Insurance ,has become to be the famous one prior to be disappeared from this circle. Lately, he has moved into Phetbunkham F.A. Group Muay Thai camp and practiced at F.A. Group with the supporting of    Sia Riam Bophlabunchu to have his better form. Latest, he has taught the boxing style from Khunharn Sitthongsak or the junior knee boxer to show the good performance in the next match.

Then, Diesel Luaknongsang or the trainer of the Muay Thai camp has revealed with confidence that in this time Phetbunkham might become to be the well-known one again because of his excellent form. Besides, now he has his great body condition to win of several matches with the good future.

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