It should predict the power between”Bankhwag and Khamponlek”.

Sia Mor has made the list of couple boxers in Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai as the new match on this Thursday of 12nd March 2015 between Phetbankhwag S. Sommai to fight with Kamponlek Orbortor Kamphee for showing the good strategy. Then, it should predict whether who is stronger than else to be the winner.

For Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai of the oldest promoter at Rachadamnern boxing stadium,  Sia Mor Chuchareon Raweearamwong will set up the new program on this 12nd March 2015 with the supporting of Palangmai group. Then, Billy Thorn will prove his performance to make the list of the master couple boxer or Chom Phetbankhwag S. Sommai to face with Kamponlek Orbortor Kampee in 117 pounds equally following by the second couple boxer or Olay Sitniwat to face with Dokmaidang J.S.P. in 112 pounds and the supporting couple boxer or Sibmeun S. Takrudthong to face with Chaknaronglek T. Silachai in 132 pounds and other couple boxers or Singthong Yutthachonburi to face with Banchaichai P. Phetsiri , Lekphet P. Telakul to face with Namsaklek P. Phetsiri, Piklock Suwityim to face with Rittidate of Nanokkok Sports Center , Thangduan Densurat to face with Singngen Yuttachonburi , Ultra S. Sirilak to face with Mongkutphetsrikranuanyim and Baiphai Sorchor Waopadreaw to face with Sangtawan S. Borisut.

In addition, for his program on this 12nd  March in A.D. 2014 the teamwork of Palangmai group might define the information as the best. Then, apart from the significant master couple boxers he would like the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to look forward for watching the new stars as the new future ones of Palangmai group.

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