Aek has confirmed that “Phet” has still stayed with A. Phimonsri.

Aek Bangtrai has confirmed that Phet or Madang Champion ,who might fight in 118 pounds of Suek Chao Muai Thai at Siam Om Noi has still stayed with A. Phimonsri  boxing camp of the commander Akkharadate Phimonsri as usual without any changing.

Aek Bangtrai has revealed his mind after Phet A. Phimonsri has protected for Madang champion of 118 pounds by winning of Nuengthep Imminent Air with several points in Suek Chao Muai Thai on the last match. However, now he has still stayed with the old boxing camp without changing as the news to move into another boxing camp.

Aek Bangtrai said that now he has still stayed in A Phimonsri of the commander Akkaradate Phimonsri as usual without changing. Similarly, he has talked with Beaw Luakmakhamwarn without knowing about the releasing of the news. Fortunately, there are several ones to contact him for encouraging of the boxers as well as giving for 100000 baht also.

“Weerachat” has boasted to fight in 105 pounds.

Weerachart Ch. Khaoyuisuzu or the good performance  and new star boxer of Trang province has announced that if he fights at 105 pounds , he might become to be the winner surely without afraid of anyone. Lately, he just overcome Mangkornthong T. Morsri as another beautiful match , so if he has always showed his good form , he would like to come back for fighting at channel 7 for once time.

In addition, after Weerachart Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu or the small boxer has showed the beautiful form as another match by meeting the fresh form boxer as Mangkornthong T. Morsri without any problem with using his excellent chin to defeat him for being favored for the Muay Thai fans in Thailand much.

Weerachat has revealed that now he can fight with anyone in 105 pounds , such as Phetnarin Luakkhaonanai , Khemphet A. Sabaitae and Phetphanrit Ph. Lakbun ,who have similar shapes to be made of the list without afraid of anyone. Besides, he is ready to kick for show his performance for the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to see his excellence , and in the future he has waited for grasping the champion in 105 pounds with any institution to create the good form for his boxing camp.

It is certain that the boxing camp might push up the famous boxer.

Sulaman Promdee is certainly that Ball Phalian or the owner of Ceeda Kob Wasadu Phan might push up Phet Tharia Ceeda Kob Wassaduphan Phuket to fight with good future, especially for his take caring of the boxers. In addition, in the next match Ball Phalian might give the supporting money to  the couple one or Maneelek Phetphayathai to fight with Phet Thairia for his first time with his more disadvantages only his performance , except for his strength to fight in Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee on this Saturday of 16th May 2015.

For coming back in Bangkok for 3 times without losing to anyone , it has the good chance for Phettharia S. Sulaiman Ceeda Kob Wassaduphanphuket to fight on Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee on TGN channel  broadcasted on this Saturday of 16th May 2015. Besides, he might face with the champion of North Eastern or Maneelek Phetphayathai , but it shouldn’t be worry because he has the supporter to take care of well , such as Ball Pahalian to manage about the expenditures.

Bangsulaiman revealed that he is really confident in the supporting teamwork of Ball Palian and Chamnong Bawornthanahiran after they have taken care of all expenditures. In addition, Phettharia is always be the winner  , so it is certain that the teamwork of him might push up him to have the good future as well as fighting in Suek Kertphet that has received the good chance with experiences, except with his good name.