“Pheemai” has been challenged to be the winner for gaining 800000 baht.

In this moment, on this Friday it will have the first couple boxer of Suek Millionnaire Kertphet by the supporting of the promoter Manote Hattayamat or the senior one of Phomphet Singbansrang. Then, he has asked to Pheemai Arawan whether to be interested in fight in this match by gaining  whether totally 800000 baht or each of 400000 baht. Thus, if the Police Senior Sergeant Mayor Kerttisak Mudor has agreed in this subject , he can inform to him to gain more money.

Besides, this will be the one small and hot couple boxer of all in Suek Kertphet and Suek Millionnaire Khwag P.K. broadcasted on this Friday of 3rd April 2015 at Lumphinee boxing stadium Ramintra between Pheemai Arawan    to fight with Pomphet Singbansrang to gain whether each of 400000 baht. However, lately Chun or Pheeraphong Theeradatephong or the popular promoter has inform this subject to the editor of Muai Siam  Daily that now Manote Hattayamat has informed to increase more money from each of 200000 baht to each of 400000 baht totally to 800000 baht. Thus, if Pheemai has agreed in this subject , it can share money to his teamwork also.

Sia Chun has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that now Manote is really certain that Pheemai might feel interested to fight in this match to gain more 200000 baht for him by his coordinating, especially for Banglee or Kerttisak Mudor who has a lot of friends. Thus, in this match it might gain more money for 2 times for sure from each of 200000 baht to each of 400000 baht with totally 800000 baht as fight for the first couple boxer of the program only.

“Somrak” has complained to be judged unfairly; he announced to quit from this Muay Thai life.

Somrak Khamsing or the excellent international boxer has showed the good performance to Yodonephadet S. Chulasane or the senior boxer in the special fight to grasp for 6 million baht on last 2nd April 2015. However, finally the referees have judged for both of them to be tie up. Then, Somrak Khamsing or Bas hasn’t agreed with this judge and prepared to quit from fighting in this Muay Thai life.

Recently, Somrak S. Khamsing T. Thepsithin or the 42 years old  man or the owner of gold medal in Olympics has fought in the special fight by using only the fists without kicking , elbowing , kneeing and legging.  On the other hand, Yodonephadet S. Chulasane or the 54 years old can use the full strategy of Thai boxing style. Moreover, on last 2nd April 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium they have fought with each other to gain for each of 3 million baht totally 6 million baht for both. Similarly, both of them have fought with each other before in 2012 , and Yodonephadet has been the loser by being knocked in the third round.

According to the result, it showed that Somrak Khamsing always applied his fists to the aim of his opposite side for several times on both face and body as well as his escaping from the chin of his opposite side also. On the other hand, Yodonephadet has the good response on the fourth round by kneeing Somrak all this round , so the referees have judged them to be tied up with one sound for Somrak to be the winner of 49-48 and another 2 sounds for Somrak to be tie up of 48-48.

After this match, Somrak doesn’t agree with the judge because he views that it isn’t as the real fact. Besides, he always shows his good performance on his second and third round , except for the fourth round that his couple boxer has kneed up him. Then, it isn’t based on the truth.

In addition, Somrak has announced that he confirms to quit from fighting in this Muay Thai life surely , especially for facing with this situation although this match has been setup to create the good atmosphere and call for the good current from the Muay Thai fans in Thailand. However, with this result he may do another thing with his popularity to be pushed up by many people to work in several fields.

On the contrary, Yodonephadet is satisfied with this judge because he views that in fact he might be the winner , except for the teamwork of him to view of his little disadvantage. Thus, since now he might join in Thai boxing program to create the good atmosphere to this Muay Thai life further.

As the result, according to the ticket of this match it can keep for 2,929,500 baht.

It should predict the winner between “Onemeechok and Sittid”.

For Suek 15th Phunsia, this game has begun to be more funniness because now it has all 3 leading boxers to pass into the Semifinal round already. Then, on this Sunday of 1st March 2015 for Suek Muai Thai ChedSee the Muay Thai fans in Thailand might have the chance to cheer up for another 2 significant ones. Therefore, the first couple boxer might be  Onemeechok Phuhongthong to face with Sittid S. Suradate  

Now, it has begun to have more funniness for 15th Phunsia Muay Thai tournament to gain the leading couple boxers for passing into the Semi Final round already for 3 boxers ; namely, Chanamarn P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim , Yodphet Dabphangnakornbarn and Phetsinin Khongchuchuai. Then, on this Sunday of 1st March 2015 there will be another 2 couple boxers to be cheered up. Besides, the first couple boxer is between Aekwayu of Bangkok Thonburi university to face with Phethuatrai Satidcd.

For the second couple boxer ,who has passed into the Semi Fina Round, it might be Onemeechok Phuhongthong to face with Sibtid S. Suradate as the same strong knee couple boxer. Thus, this couple boxer might be the most funniness one , and whoever has won this game might pass into the Semi Final round instantly. Whilst, whoever has lost the game might wait to fight with the winner of another first one in the next match.

What’s more, there will be the master couple boxer ; namely, Nawapon Sitphuphantu or the excellent form boxer on channel 7 to face with Saksuriba Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu in 130 pounds.  On the other hand, at this moment Nawapon has showed his beautiful form with gaining much money from channel 7 Muay Thai fans in Thailand following by Taladkhwag to fight with Chailek.

Now,”Phetbunkham” has his good spirit.

Diesel Luaknongsang is really confident that Phetbunkham F.A. Group has come back to be the famous boxers in this circle again  as well as showing the excellent form. Later, he has taught                 the way to fight for Khunharn Sitthongsak with gaining several points incredibly in Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on this Sunday of 1st March 2015 at the international boxing stadium of Rangsit.

In the earlier, Phetbunkham F.A. Group or Yothin Sakaethongresort , who has been the champion of 1st Thai Insurance ,has become to be the famous one prior to be disappeared from this circle. Lately, he has moved into Phetbunkham F.A. Group Muay Thai camp and practiced at F.A. Group with the supporting of    Sia Riam Bophlabunchu to have his better form. Latest, he has taught the boxing style from Khunharn Sitthongsak or the junior knee boxer to show the good performance in the next match.

Then, Diesel Luaknongsang or the trainer of the Muay Thai camp has revealed with confidence that in this time Phetbunkham might become to be the well-known one again because of his excellent form. Besides, now he has his great body condition to win of several matches with the good future.