It should predict the power between”Bankhwag and Khamponlek”.

Sia Mor has made the list of couple boxers in Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai as the new match on this Thursday of 12nd March 2015 between Phetbankhwag S. Sommai to fight with Kamponlek Orbortor Kamphee for showing the good strategy. Then, it should predict whether who is stronger than else to be the winner.

For Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai of the oldest promoter at Rachadamnern boxing stadium,  Sia Mor Chuchareon Raweearamwong will set up the new program on this 12nd March 2015 with the supporting of Palangmai group. Then, Billy Thorn will prove his performance to make the list of the master couple boxer or Chom Phetbankhwag S. Sommai to face with Kamponlek Orbortor Kampee in 117 pounds equally following by the second couple boxer or Olay Sitniwat to face with Dokmaidang J.S.P. in 112 pounds and the supporting couple boxer or Sibmeun S. Takrudthong to face with Chaknaronglek T. Silachai in 132 pounds and other couple boxers or Singthong Yutthachonburi to face with Banchaichai P. Phetsiri , Lekphet P. Telakul to face with Namsaklek P. Phetsiri, Piklock Suwityim to face with Rittidate of Nanokkok Sports Center , Thangduan Densurat to face with Singngen Yuttachonburi , Ultra S. Sirilak to face with Mongkutphetsrikranuanyim and Baiphai Sorchor Waopadreaw to face with Sangtawan S. Borisut.

In addition, for his program on this 12nd  March in A.D. 2014 the teamwork of Palangmai group might define the information as the best. Then, apart from the significant master couple boxers he would like the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to look forward for watching the new stars as the new future ones of Palangmai group.

Chang into the new Muay Thai camp made “Khunkrai” become to be the excellent one.

Kodea or Paranchai is really confident that Khunkrai Paranchai might become to be the well-known boxer surely after changing into the new Muay Thai camp and grasp the champion by overcoming Leklai Ch. Pradit with funniness in Suek Maemai Muaithai broadcasted on this Sunday of 1st March 2015 at Ortorkor 3 in Nontaburi province.

In the earlier, he has used the name as Mafiangnoi Ch. Rojsurang due to his not showing of great form. However, now he has changed to use the name as Khunkrai Paranchai and then he can create the good performance by defeating Leklai Ch. Pradit beautifully. Thus, now Kodea Paranchai or the big boss of Paranchai Muay Thai camp at Nakornsrithammarat is really certain that Khunkrai might become to be the famous one by fight for the weight in 120 pound surely.

Kodae Paranchai said that now he has his new name as Khunkrai Paranchai , so in this time he might become to be the famous one definitely. Significantly, now he has defeated Leklai Ch. Pradit with funniness at Ortorkor 3 Nontaburi Muay Thai camp. Thus, it is believed that he can win everyone in 120 pounds, so the Muay Thai fans in Thailand should look forward to see his work.

“Thanadate” is ready to fight with “Sam Dee” for his full performance”

Thanadate T. Pran 49 is training himself so hard , so he is really confident about his strength to overcome Sam D Phetyindeeacademy funnily in Suek Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai on this Friday of 6th March 2015. Then, the Muay Thai fans in Thailand can trust him and cheer him to show his great strategy.

Thanadate said that there will be another small interesting couple boxer between Thanadate T. Pran 49 and Sam Dee Phetyindeeacademy to fight in Suek Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai on this Friday of 6th March 2015 at Lumphinee boxing stadium broadcasting since 10.00 p.m. Moreover, lately Thanadate revealed that on this match he has practiced himself perfectly, so he is surely to defeat his couple boxer or Sam Dee in the final round. Then, the Muay Thai fans in Thailand should come to cheer up him for becoming the well-known one and then get revenge of another 2 couple boxers in the next two matches no matter of Satanmeunglek and Konkob. Finally, he would like to ask the teamwork of Promoter to make the list of him for fighting without making disappointment to the Muay Thai fans in Thailand of course.

“Kwanchai” would like to pass into the Semi Final round.

For Suek 15th Muai of PhunSiaboxing round , it has much fun since last Sunday after Khwanchai Nokkaewresort has showed his beautiful form as well as Yodphet Pangkongprab to win his couple boxers to fight in the second round further. Besides, this couple boxer might fight with each other on the next match  ,and the winner might pass into the Semi Final round instantly. While Berm Phudin , who has taken care of Khwanchai, is really confident to pass into the deep round surely.

For Suek Muai Thai Ched See on last Sunday, the Muay Thai fans are still enjoying with 15th PhunSiaboxing round to favor of the Muay Thai fans much , especially for the first couple boxer or Yokphet S. Yingchareonkarnchang , who has lost the game by Khwanchai Nokkaewresort with over-expectation. Whilst, there will be another couple boxer or Yodphet Pangkongphrab to win the score of Rotthang Chitmeungnon with funniness.

Besides, Berm Phudin has given the news to the well-known boxer from Chaiyaphum province , especially for the first couple boxer or Kwanchai Nokkaewresort or the countryside boxer from Chaiyaphum , who has showed the excellent form although he has more disadvantages than his couple boxer or Yokphet S. Yingchareonkarnchang. However, he can win his couple boxer beautifully with 2-1         as well as winning the teamwork or supporter named Berm Phudin.   Besides, Berm has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam Daily that the boxer as Khwanchai has  his more experiences without having more disadvantages to anyone. Then, in this PhunSiaboxing round  he might have his potential to fight with everyone after he has showed his beautiful form on the last match. As the result, he is really confident that for this match Khwanchai might pass into the Semi Final round as the last one not difficultly although he might face with Yodphet. However, he might pass into the next round or the Semi Final round surely.