Rumor !! Satarn Mueng Lek

Num Pit Kai Sang Tanai Kwarm said that, Muay-thai fans don’t worry about Satarn Muenglek Num Pornthep rumor. He is keep going to search for the fifth boxing champion belt. He accepted he was disappointed about  the last fight rumor. However, he is trying to investigate about this rumor.

mt2014 14-12-21

Num Pit Kai Sang Tanai Kwarm , big boss of Num Pornthep boxing camp said that, He worries about the rumor after Satarn Muenglek Num Pornthep fought with Fhun Dowroj Khunhan Sid Thong Sak at Vikair, But  Muay-thai fans don’t be worry about that. He won’t let Satarn Lek fight if he is not ready and not be fit enough to fight.

Num Pit Kai Sang Tanai Kwarm also said that He’s searching the fifth champion belt for Satarn Meunglek.  Satarn Muenglek priviously got 4 boxing champion belts. Both Thailand and Lumpinee 100 and 105 pound class champion. The next may be 112 pound class  or 115 pound class, we will see.


Like the majority of competitive total contact fighting with sports, muay Thai has a significant concentrate on body conditioning. Muay Thai is made specifically to boost the degree of stamina and fitness required for ring contest. Training regimens contain many basics like jogging, shadowboxing of combat sport conditioning, rope jumping, body weight resistance exercises, medicine ball exercises, abdominal exercises, and sometimes weight training. Thai fighters rely greatly on kicks using the shin bone. As such, professionals of muay Thai will strike a hefty bag that is compact by making use of their shins, conditioning it, hardening the bone by means of a procedure called cortical remodeling.


Training that’s particular to a Thai combatant comprises training with trainers on focus mitts Thai Pads, heavy bag, and sparring. The day-to-day training contains many rounds (3-5 minute intervals broken up by a brief rest, frequently 1-2 minutes) of these various processes of exercise. Thai Pad training is a basis of muay Thai conditioning which calls for practicing kicks, punches, knees, and elbow strikes with a trainer wearing thick pads which cover hands and the forearms. These special pads (frequently called Thai pads) are used to consume the effect of the strikes of the combatant and let the combatant to respond to the assaults of the pad holder in a live scenario. The trainer will frequently also wear a belly pad around the stomach region so the fighter can attack with straight kicks or knees to the body at anytime during the round.

Focus mitts are unique to training the hand speed of a combatant, punch blends, time, hitting power, shield, and counter-striking and might be utilized to practice elbow strikes. Hefty bag training is a power and conditioning exercise that augments the techniques practiced in the pads. Sparring is a way to test variety, abilities, technique, strategy, and time against a partner. Sparring is generally a light to medium contact exercise by sparring hard because competitive combatants on a full program aren’t guided to risk harm. Strategies and special approaches could be trained with clinching and kneeing simply sparring including in close fighting, cutting off the ring, or using reach and space to maintain an aggressive combatant away.

Because of the extensive training regimen (some Thai fighters fight with nearly every other week) professional fighters in Thailand have relatively short careers in the ring. Many retire from contest to start instructing the next generation of Thai combatants. Most professional Thai boxers come from the lesser economic foundations, and the fight cash (after the other parties get their piece) is sought as way of support for their own families as well as the combatants. Quite few higher economical strata Thais join the professional muay Thai ranks; they practice the sport just as recreational muay Thai fighters or generally either don’t practice it.