Fight for TV channel 9

Gosin Pupata confrims that Kimluay S.supattra Muay Thai camp with Detpanom Lukkaonanai will fight for the lightweight of Thailand in Assawindam War on Sunday 10 August at Imperial Ladpraw and have a live broadcast on channel at 14.50-16.20. This fight will have a hundred thousand gambles.

The is the good feedback, Kimluay S.supattra number one boxer of the North who will fight for great boxing kid of Thailand with Detpanom Lukkaonanai, number one boxer of the South. They will fight on Sunday 6 July in Assawindam War and have a live broadcast on channel at 14.50-16.20. It seems have a high gamble. Mr. Gosin Pupata, the promoter open his mind that he is going to clear about the gambling and believe both of them have a high gamble.

“This match have a gamble because Kimluay, the North have many follower while Detpanom was love by the South and gamble on him all the time. Now I am going to clear about the gamble and I am sure the gamble is not less than hundred thousand. This is the match that I want to watch too because this is the great boxing kid. It’s not only promotion” Mr.Gosin said.

Muay Thai Strategies

Th? Martial art ?f Muay Thai features ?t? v?r? ?wn unique techniques. It ?? m?d? fr?m th? utilization ?f n?n? weapons. ??ur mind, fists, elbow, knee ?nd feet ?r? collectively d???r?b?d ?? Na-wa arwud. But today th? usage ?f head ?? n?t ?n? longer allowed ?nt? th? Muay Thai fights.
In Muay Thai small amount ?f grappling m?? b? u??d (The Clinch) f?r b?th defending ?nd attacking purpose.
Muay Thai techniques ?r? divided ?nt? tw? groups: Mae Mai ?r Major techniques ?nd Luk mai ?r Minor techniques.
All techniques ?n Muay Thai utilize th? entire body movement, rotating th? hip partially ?r fully w?th ?v?r? punch, kick ?nd block. th?? r??ll? ?? ??rt??nl? th? primary reason wh??h sets Muay Thai ???rt fr?m ?th?r types ?f martial art.

Mud Khouk

Th? judges ?n Muay Thai fights scores l??? ?n t? th? fighters f?r th? punching techniques ?? th??? ?r? typically generally l??? effective ?nd powerful th?n kicks ?r knee strikes.
Body punching ?? ?l?? u??d l??? ?n Muay Thai ?? ?t exposes th? fighters head t? ??ur strikes ?f knee ?r elbow fr?m th? opponent.

Gra-Dode Sork

Th? elbow ?? contained ?n ??v?n ways ?n Muay Thai, horizontally, diagonal upwards, diagonal downwards, uppercut, downward, b??kw?rd spinning ?nd flying. Th? elbow ?? additionally u??d fr?m th? sides ?? ? finishing move ?r t? cut th? opponents  eyebrow t? b???m? ?bl? wh??h h? bleeds. Bleeding blocks th? vision ?? w?ll ?? affects th? fighter ? performance.

Yiep Dhe

Th? absolute m??t common kick ?n Muay Thai ?r? Foot Jab (Theep) additionally th? Kick (Tae), upward ?n th? shape ?f ? triangle targeting th? ribs ?nd arms (Chieng). Th?? angle kick ?n Muay Thai h????n? t? g?t adopted b? m?n? ?th?r forms ?f martial arts ?? it’s qu?t? effective.
Th? r?und house kick ?? practically mu?h l?k? th? kicks f?und ?n karate ?r taekwondo. M?n? Muay Thai fighters ?l?? u??? ? counter rotation ?f h?? arms t? improve th? power ?f h?? kick. A Muay Thai fighter ?? ?l??rl? taught t? hit w?th h?? shin. Ev?n th?ugh th? shin ?? extremely sensitive f?r ?n untrained person th? shin m?? b? th? strongest ?n element f?r th? leg ?? compared t? foot ?? ?t offers fine bones ?nd ?n addition ?t ?? mu?h weaker.

Oth?r Knee Techniques:

Kao Dode: (Jumping Knee Strike) Jump ?n ?n? leg ?nd strike w?th th?t legs knee.
Kao Loi: (Flying Knee Strike) T?k? step(s), jump f?rw?rd ?nd ?ff ?n? leg ?nd strike u??ng th?? legs knee.
Kao Tone: (Straight Knee Strike) Thrusts ?t forward. N?t upward unl??? th? fighter ?? holding opponents head d?wn ?n ? clinch ?nd intend t? knee upward ?nt? th? face.
Kao Noi: (Small knee Strike) Hitting th? ?n??d? upper thigh (over th? knee)associated w?th opponent wh?l? clinching.
It ?? additionally referred t? ??  Push Kicks  ?nd ?? commonly f?und ?n Muay Thai. It ?? m??nl? u??d t? attack opponents  attack, ?nd g?t th? opponent ?ff balance.

Fighters dur?ng th? Arm Clinch Position:

Th?r? ?? ? difference b?tw??n Muay Thai thr?ugh th? western Boxing. Thr?ugh?ut th? arm clinch position th? fighters ?r? separate ?n western boxing; h?w?v?r th??? ?r? typically n?t ?n Muay Thai.
Th?r? ?r? ??v?r?l clinching approaches t? Muay Thai including

Defensive techniques ?g??n?t attack:
It ?? categorized ?nt? ??x groups:
Blocking: Defenders hard block t? avoid ? strike featuring ?t? path, ?? preventing ?t reaching ?t? target.
Redirection: Defenders soft parries t? modify th? directions ?f ? strike ?? th?t ?t misses ?t? target.
Avoidance: Moving ? body part swiftly ?ut ?f th? w?? ?r wide range ?f ? strike, making th? position ???????t?d w?th th? opponent f?r ? counter strike.
Evasion: Moving th? body fr?m th? w?? ?r wide range ?f ? strike.