Muay Thai

Learn the art of Muay Thai in Thailand
Muay Thai holds a special place in Thailand as it was originated here. This land has given great champions to the sport. This great martial art has got the attention of many people and has been driving the crowds crazy from all parts of the world. This sport has been very special in the midst of the Thai people.

The passion of Thai people for Muay Thai can be seen for two reasons – one being the maximum number of Muay Thai events and other is the craze the every event shows. All the successful fighters of Muay Thai are enjoying a great social status irrespective of the geographic location. But there is no comparison for the respect and the honour which is enjoyed by the Muay Thai fighters in this country.

There are many aspirants who want to learn the technique of Muay Thai and become fighters. The growing popularity has given rise to many training camps in the country and the world with the state of the art facilities. One may find the same techniques and facilities but there is still one thing which separates the camps from Thailand camps is the ambience which is provided here. This ambience generates a passion within the aspirant and they can feel the sport every time. This helps to learn the sport quickly and accurately.

Many people who wish to pursue this sport think that learning this sport in Thailand will have its share of negatives like the language barrier. But this is just a myth and the trainers of Muay Thai in Thailand are well versed with English language which is the most common of all and have a great understanding of the sport. Bothe these qualities when combines make a great trainer. It is also known that if a person has learnt the art of Muay Thai from some other country, returns to Thailand for refresher training just for the ambience.

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Muay Thai is a great combat sport also known as martial arts. This technique uses the eight limbs and is therefore known as the Art of Eight Limbs. These eight limbs include the two feet, hands, legs and elbows. This sport was originated in Thailand and has great fan following here. It has now become an international sport and there are matches being held all over the world. This has led to many new aspirants for Muay Thai apart from Thailand. This also means that there is an increasing need of training camps for Muay Thai across the globe.